Women Empowerment

We help our exploited women folk to break the shackles of antiquated taboos by providing them all the necessary support and encouragement that they truly deserve. It goes without saying that empowerment of women is imperative for the development of a healthy society. We aim to strengthen them to stand on their own feet and fight against domestic violence by providing detailed opportunities for them to develop assertiveness and cooperative skills for harmonious and happier living, within their own family, or professional structure. A lot has to be done, especially in our rural areas, where majority of the women are illiterate and unskilled. Thus, our concentration in this area is to provide these disadvantaged women some basic education, and more vocational training to coach them in selected skills, so that they gain confidence in their own selves, and in understanding and dealing with money matters, and therefore become gainfully contributing wives, mothers, sisters, and elders, making a definite difference in their families.