Group Marriages

The common people of our rural areas are abysmally poor in general, spending almost all their lives in simply making their ends meet, without any window of opportunity to bring about a meaningful change in their own lives, and in their families’ lives. Theirs is a continual struggle, laden with enormous challenges and intricate difficulties. One of the big trials for these downtrodden people is to get their daughters’ marriages solemnized, due to their not having enough finances to meet the demands of the backbreaking cultural practice of arranging dowry, which can be ridiculously expensive, or just beyond their meager means. The extortionate demands from the bridegrooms’ side are a major and torturous impediment to marriages simply taking place in villages, which can lead to high depression and other serious psychological issues.

Khuddam Education Trust provides full assistance to the poor in easing this social problem through fully arranged marriage ceremonies in carefully planned group format that include all elements of a joyous occasion.