Educational Services

Khuddam Education Trust's main thrust is to help and encourage children’s education, primarily in Pakistan, by providing necessary guidance and tangible assistance to parents and guardians who are unable to manage the educational expense of their children, or who acutely lack any of the other required resources to satisfy this essential human right of sound basic education for their children. Khuddam Educational Trust has been offering its educational services from Class KG to Class 6 consisting 27 students in each class in which there are 15 boys and 12 girls receiving benefit from our services. Our altruistic aid, includes free pick and drop transport service, pre-prepared lunch items, uniforms, school supplies, etc. Above all, in order to ensure holistic development of our children, we have methodically incorporated, within the general syllabi, teaching and training in personality enhancement and character-building to supplement the imparted knowledge of Islam and its simple practice.